Why do we see Ghosts? The Possible reasons!

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1) Stress

A study concluded that women may report paranormal experiences when they are under stress. Possession and extrasensory perception were found to be associated with traumatic stress.

2) Frequencies

Perhaps ghosts are simply extremely low sound frequencies. In particular, infrasounds, which are sounds below the audible range of humans.

3) Mold

What is a scary, spooky location without some mold? Certain varieties of mold can, in fact, induce hallucinations and impair balance and coordination.

4) Coping mechanism

People who have experienced the loss of loved ones have claimed being visited by them. The apparitional visits may be a coping technique employed by the bereaved brain.

5) Maybe it's just a draft

Paranormal activity may be indicated by cold areas in a property. A fast temperature shift doesn't indicate a ghost, though.

6) Carbon monoxide

The Journal of Ophthalmology described a couple's paranormal experiences in the 1920s. A CO leak in the furnace caused their hallucinations.

7) Exploding head syndrome

Exploding head syndrome occurs when a loud noise is experienced, typically when falling asleep or waking up. It sounds like a phantom explosion.

8) Sleep paralysis

Sleep paralysis causes paranormal experiences. This happens when you're dreaming yet can't move. It's often perplexing and scary.

9) Orbs

A scientific explanation can be found for those small balls of light that so many people believe to be the ghosts of the dead.

10) Just believing

As with any other belief system, believing in ghosts helps us cope with our own death and makes sense of our place in the world.

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