Which Zodiac Signs are Most Generous?

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People describe Libras as fair, outgoing, and sociable. These characteristics set them apart as generous people. Libra will make time for those in need, as well as her loved ones. 

6) Libra

Humanitarian work comes naturally to Libras, and they do it with no expectations of reward or acknowledgement. If you're in the mood for a good chat, they'll be more than happy to oblige.

When you need a shoulder to weep on or an ear to listen, Pisces is there for you.

5) Pisces

Because this is an emotional and perceptive water sign, its generosity frequently manifests as compassion. Pisces will incur debt to assist you.

Leo may be the zodiac's showman, but that does not diminish its generosity. They view money as a means to an objective, rather than a possession.

4) Leo

This person is driven by the need to make those around them happy, especially those they care about, and will do whatever it takes to achieve that goal. 

Your Cancer friend is undoubtedly the group's "mom," and what are moms if not giving? People born with the zodiac sign Cancer have a deep desire to serve others.

3) Cancer

Generous in their hearts and wallets, they do everything they can to improve the world around them. As a water sign, Cancers are naturally compassionate and perceptive.

For all of their adventurous tendencies, a Sagittarius is actually a very reliable friend in the most dire of situations. They have a tendency to be outgoing and overly enthusiastic.

2) Sagittarius

Even though they always give more than they receive, their attitude is unfazed by this fact. As the zodiac's most powerful manifestors, they get the rewards of their good deeds.

This sign will help both friends and strangers, but is especially committed to its family. They are the type of person you can count on to spend their day off helping you move up your home. 

1) Virgo

They will immediately clear their calendar to assist or simply offer emotional support to a friend in need.

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