Which Zodiac Signs are Most Awkward?

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6) Aries

Aries, the zodiac's first sign, is known for its "me first" mentality. It can, however, lead to awkward circumstances because of that impulsive nature.

It can be tough for them to fit in because of their intense personality; they stand out in a crowd and not necessarily for the best reasons.

5) Sagittarius

When a saggy doesn't have a filter, he or she can say things that are overly honest yet possibly inappropriate or harsh.

In the midst of a party or celebration, they may also begin philosophizing or making moral arguments.

4) Cancer

In its shell, the crab is happy and content. However, if you take that crab out of its shell, things will get quite difficult.

For fear of saying or doing the incorrect thing, they will choose to do and say as little as possible in order to get their bearings first.

3) Virgo

Virgo is sometimes perceived as an outsider due to the fact that he or she is sensible, hardworking, and practical

They are effective and productive, yet they may appear awkward since they prioritize tiresome activities over social relationships.

2) Pisces

They can be so empathic that they are incapable of managing the overpowering emotions they sense. This may prompt them to either overshare or withdraw entirely. 

This passionate sign may be the one you contact when you need a shoulder to cry on, but you should probably avoid inviting them to a business dinner or networking event.

1) Aquarius

People with this sign can be a little awkward with more conservative types of people because of their tendency to break the rules. 

If you notice that your Aquarius buddy isn't participating in the conversation, it could just be that they're experiencing an epiphany and need to follow it up.

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