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Capricorns are renowned for their diligence. If you've ever worked with a Cap, you know that when they're in the zone, nothing can stop them.

4) Capricorn

Capricorns are capable of working themselves to death because they work so intensely that their bodies deteriorate before they even recognize it.

Leos have a strong desire to lead. As a result of their strong sense of initiative, they're not afraid to keep going until they achieve their goals. 

3) Leo

Leos are always trying for more, therefore you can expect to see them in the gym or at work continually seeking for more.

Aries often rise to positions of power and authority as a result of their ability to elicit the support of large crowds and mobilize hordes of people in their favor.

2) Aries

In addition to their excellent crowd-control skills, they're also adept at inspiring others. Aries are known for their ability to take on the impossible.

The Scorpion is renowned for their intensity. Scorpios ruled by Mars will dig till they can't dig any more, which makes them intense in all they do.

1) Scorpio

Numerous Scorpios are detectives because they are "dedicated to uncovering the truth."

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