Which Zodiac Signs are Most Affectionate?

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6) Virgo

There is more affection in this sign than you may expect for someone who is practical and prone to perfectionism. They will hug you and touch your back.

Whether or not they understand they're being loving, they're a good friend to have on hand when you need someone.

Those closest to them may count on them to be devoted and affectionate, but it doesn't mean they couldn't also be fiercely loving and loyal.

5) Scorpio

 As a Scorpio, you may expect couch cuddling and kitchen kisses, but they're likely to shy away from PDA in groups of more than two people.

4) Taurus

Venus, the sign's planetary ruler, plays a major factor in this sign's proclivity for romance. Love and beauty goddess Venus has given Taurus an innate romanticism.

 A Taurus will always be there for you if you need last-minute advise or support with a project.

3) Leo

A lion's heart belongs to its pride, just like Leo's does when he's surrounded by loved ones. When it comes to the people closest to them, Leos are known for their open displays of affection.

 They have willingness to go to great lengths to ensure that others are content. This holds true for their romantic relationships as well.

2) Cancer

A Cancer's most defining characteristics are his or her need for both physical and emotional love. They are known as the 'mother friend' because of their tendency to be extremely empathetic.

Cancer is a water sign ruled by the moon. Cancers have a keen sense of empathy and know just how to make people feel loved and cared for through their words and actions.

1) Pisces

Those born under the zodiac sign Sagittarius are more prone to emotional outbursts. Pisces is a water sign, and like water, they have a hard time defining their own boundaries.

 Over-giving, over-loving, over-helping, over-empathizing, and over-forgiving are some of their tendencies. As a result, they're a great place to go if you need someone to cry on your shoulder.

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