Which is the Most Argumentative Zodiac Sign?

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6) Libra

Playing devil's advocate in arguments is a favorite pastime for Libras, as they are well-versed in the right/wrong dichotomy.

Libras enjoy arguing for the sake of it, and they'll gladly challenge you to a debate if the opportunity presents itself.

5) Virgo

Virgos have a tendency to obsess over even the most insignificant details. Getting into a heated argument with a Virgo can take a long time.

Even though they don't have an aggressive demeanor or raise their voice, they do enjoy expounding on a point in great detail.

4) Gemini

Like no one else, a Gemini is a master communicator. To make a point or keep the conversation going, a Gemini may argue with you.

This sign is constantly bringing in new perspectives that appear to be unrelated but somehow become important..

3) Aries

When they're arguing, Aries gets very enraged. Aries is ruled by Mars, the planet of war, and when they argue with you, you feel like you're walking on broken glass.

They have a hard time accepting defeat and are constantly on the lookout for new topics to bring up in conversation, keeping the other party on their toes.

2) Aquarius

Aquarius, the oldest air sign, has a knife tongue full of wit and intellect, making it a formidable opponent in a debate.

Getting into a debate with them is never fun because they always have science and facts to back up their position.

1) Sagittarius

Since they are mutable, Sagittarius' viewpoints are shaped by their experiences in life rather than by facts and lessons learned in school. 

They are adamant in their conviction that their viewpoints are based on personal experience and, as a result, are grounded in reality.

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