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Which is the most intimidating Zodiac sign? 

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12) Libra

When combined with their aversion to conflict and proclivity to avoid most aggressive situations, they are regarded as the least threatening or intimidating.

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11) Pisces

They possess a knack for making others feel understood and accepted—and, because they enjoy assisting others in their struggles, they make self approachable.

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10) Cancer

It's not uncommon for cancers to go to great lengths to make people feel welcome. It is their goal to create an environment where people can freely express themselves without fear.

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9) Sagittarius

In spite of their outspoken and gregarious nature, Sags are usually well-liked by everyone because of their ability to balance themselves out.

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8) Gemini

It is common knowledge that they can interact with people from a wide range of backgrounds and beliefs, and they are usually able to adapt to make others feel at ease in their presence.

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7) Aries

Aries are generally quite sociable. Their audacious and occasionally outlandish attitudes, on the other hand, can be intimidating to some.

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6) Leo

It's a well-known fact that Leos can be little exaggerated—part it's of their appeal. While the confidence is admirable, it can also be intimidating for those that are not as self-assured.

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5) Taurus

They are relatively restricted, and if you do not make a good first impression, approaching them will be difficult.

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4) Capricorn

When it comes to being friendly, Capricorns don't always come across as the most approachable. As a rule, they prefer to observe rather than engage in conversation with others.

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3) Aquarius

When it comes to relationships, Aquarius signs aren't afraid of interacting with others, but prefer to process their thoughts and feelings on their own time.

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2) Virgo

It's no secret that Virgos don't exactly come across as the friendliest of individuals, and they are proud of it.

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1) Scorpio

As mysterious and reserved as Scorpios are, they aren't afraid to embrace their darker sides. People don't know what to expect from them because of their secrecy.

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