Which are the Biggest Cats of the World?

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They are smaller than leopards and other big cats in terms of height and weight. When fully grown, the size and weight of clouded leopards can reach 3.4 feet long and 55 pounds


Wild cats known as lynx have short, stumpy tails and black tufts of fur on their ears. Throughout their territory, lynx eat a variety of species, including rodents, birds, and deer.


Snow leopards love to hunt cliff-dwelling species, such as Bharal and other wild sheep. However, human activity has diminished their habitat and prey.


Cheetahs mostly inhabit the northern, eastern, and southern regions of Africa. In Asia, the species is nearly extinct with the exception of a small colony in Iran.


Pumas are the most common large cat in the Americas and are also known as cougars, mountain lions, and panthers. Pumas hunt both small and large game throughout their area.


Leopards are formidable and stealthy spotted predators that inhabit Africa and Asia. Leopards are occasionally killed by other large cats, such as lions in Africa and tigers in Asia.


Jaguars are the largest large feline species in the Americas. They inhabit North, Central, and South America, although the Amazon rainforest is their primary habitat. 


Second only to tigers as the world's largest cat species, the lion is known as the "lord of beasts" or the "king of the jungle."


The tiger is the largest cat species. Tigers, like lions, can grow up to 10 feet (3 m) long, but they are bigger and can weigh up to 660 pounds, making them a more powerful predator.


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