Which are the Most Vengeful Zodiac Signs?

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6) Cancer

You may have been surprised to find Cancer, a traditionally sensitive and emotional sign, on this list. However, this sign possesses an unexpected appetite for vengeance.

When harmed by a loved one, Cancers are frequently vindictive. Cancer, however, will not act immediately and will wait for their turn.

5) Virgo

Also fast to make premeditated actions are analytical Virgos, who use their attention to detail and intelligence to design vicious schemes.

They possess dual personas. They will appear courteous and friendly, but they intend to bring you down.

4) Taurus

This earth sign, represented by the bull, is composed of trustworthy dedicated workers. Nonetheless, they are also prone to wrath. 

Due of their "patience and strength," a Taurus may wait for you to make another mistake before making their move.

3) Leo

Leos will go to great lengths to remain the center of attention, and they have no problem getting their hands dirty while exacting revenge.

Leos will invent various strategies to exact revenge, and "harmfully smear their opponents with slander.

2) Aries

If you're seeking for someone to defend you in a conflict, you may choose to approach an Aries. However, you should never be the one to cross them. 

Aries will become defensive and then spiteful, and nothing will prevent them from exacting their vengeance.

1) Scorpio

However, along with the beneficial characteristics may come the desire to exact revenge on those who harm them.

Scorpios are the most cruel and spiteful of the zodiac signs. They are also adept manipulators, only displaying their "sweet side."

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