These Zodiac Signs Are Best Being Single!

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1) Gemini

Whoever is familiar with the Gemini personality will recognize that this sign does not always fare well in long-term relationships. 


This sign is aware that they can change fast from hot to cool, therefore they only like to begin a relationship if they are convinced it will succeed.

2) Sagittarius

Sagittarius is unafraid of commitment, but will only do so if they believe they have found "The One."


This zodiac sign enjoys a carefree existence when they are alone, thus they are wary of prospective companions who are overly interested or possessive.

3) Aquarius

While they are among the most sympathetic and kind individuals, they also require periods of solitude in which they can develop their ideas and views. 


They require someone who thoroughly understands and shares their worldview, which is easier said than done.

4) Pisces

They are more than willing to demonstrate affection and commitment, yet they are quickly overwhelmed. 


For many Pisces, the thought that they don't deserve their current partner is enough to make them hunt for a way out of their current relationship.

5) Virgo

When Virgos meet a mate, they have a picture of the ideal relationship in mind, and it goes without saying that life as a couple is fraught with difficulties.


However, if anything is not flawless, Virgo will not accept it. Instead, they would rather wait for "The Perfect Partner," regardless of how long it takes.