These Are The Most Painful Ways to Die!

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Most images show nails through palms, which is historically inaccurate. Nails would go through the wrists, hitting the painful median nerve. Insects would further irritate the wounds.

1) Crucifixion

Drowning causes panic and hyperventilation. Instead of air, they'll breathe water. Inhaling water is painful. Even survivors' lungs hurt for a while.

2) Drowning

When compared to other techniques of execution, this one is considered to be less painful. However, this isn't always the case.

3) Lethal Injection

This can lead to shattered bones and fractures because of the high voltage surging through the body. As the swelling worsens, the skin turns bright red and frequently cracks open.

4) Electrocution

Because most of us avoid deep water, we avoid dangerous air pressure levels. So, we don't know how brutally terrible decompression illness can be to die of.

5) Decompression

Anyone who has read about the most agonizing deaths includes "burning to death." You can understand the agony of having a burn on your entire body if you've ever had even a little one.

6) Burning

Radiation is scary since it's unseen and deadly. You can be smothered in fatal radiation and not realize until your body breaks down.

7) Radiation

Pancreatic cancer is often the most painful. This is due to the fact that it actively invades or pushes up on the nerves around the pancreas.

8) Pancreatic Cancer

A heart attack is one of the most agonizing ways to pass away. A heart attack's warning indications can be excruciating to deal with, as can the physical symptoms of one.

9) Heart Attack

Starting with uncontrollable shivering as your body tries to generate heat, the process of freezing to death progresses to muscle rigidity and confusion.

10) Freezing

Colubridae, or rear-fanged snakes, are the family of snakes that include the boomslang. A small amount of boomslang venom is enough to cause hemorrhages and kill you.

11) Boomslang