The Nicest to Meanest Zodiac Signs!

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Libra is the most pleasant zodiac sign. They are the ones who keep the pendulum swinging in such a way that everyone is happy.

1) Libra

Pisceans enjoy being kind to others because they believe that they are doing good deeds for others. In addition to being a pleasure to be around, they're also selfless.

2) Pisces

In addition to being kind to others, Taureans are extremely patient with everyone and everything.

3) Taurus

In addition to being pleasant, Aquarians have a tendency to be extremely friendly. They are eager to get to know others and engage in meaningful dialogue with them.

4) Aquarius

Sagittarians strive to be kind to those around them. Free-spirited, self-reliant individuals, they prefer to carry out their own tasks.

5) Sagittarius

Depending on their mood, Geminis can be both friendly and obnoxious. They quickly grow tired of any subject matter. So, it is possible to observe rude behavior when they are in a bad mood.

6) Gemini

Again, the mood of a cancerian has a lot to do with how nice they are. As a result of their emotions, they can be extremely rude to others.

7) Cancer

Leos enjoy being in the spotlight. They are attention seekers, and will do everything possible to garner all the attention with their pleasant and sweet behavior.

8) Leo

Virgos are quite vindictive. They may even be passive-aggressive due to their aversion to confrontation. Being nice entails ignoring all of life's tensions and focusing on what they feel.

9) Virgo

Aries individuals believe that it is detrimental to their mental health to retain information. As a result, they will tell you most anything regardless of your reaction.

10) Aries

Their manner of expressing emotions has the potential to drive people insane. They have a fiery temper, which is why they are occasionally described as rageful.

11) Capricorn

Scorpions are one of the most vicious zodiac signs. They will communicate their dissatisfaction with you through their behavior. They will disregard you without hesitation.

12) Scorpio

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