The Most Comforting Zodiac Signs!

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6) Scorpio

For those they confide in and support, they will fight until the bitter end. Your Scorpio companion can facilitate the resolution of your problems.

Scorpio is the original guardian of the zodiac's secrets.  They will bury your emotions and concerns with them. This sign's devotion and support are unparalleled.

5) Sagittarius

Sagittarius people are recognized for their energy and spontaneity. You can cry on this fire sign's shoulder. 

When you're with a Sagittarius, it's hard to feel unhappy. They're so upbeat and positive.

4) Leo

You never know, if you turn to them in a moment of need, they might just surprise you with their kindness and intelligent advise.

Compassion is not just a smattering in the nature of Leos. Anyone in need of Leo advice should seek it out.

3) Taurus

Your Taurus friend is the perfect person to confide in if you want to vent to someone who won't push you too far into their feelings. 

This calm, collected sign will offer you the breathing room you need to let your frustrations out. Without fear of being judged, you can freely express yourself.

2) Pisces

These people are capable of absorbing the emotions of those with whom they communicate. In fact, this is the most empathic indicator, according to the majority of experts. 

Be sure to seek out Pisces pals when you're in need of someone who will actually listen to you. Don't be shocked if this profoundly emotional sign ends up crying with you.

1) Cancer

Cancers have the most comfortable shoulders. This sensitive, loving, and sympathetic sign cares deeply about the concerns of its pals and will do whatever to make them feel better. 

 Cancerians are affectionate and affable, emotionally available and tolerant. They will support you with such fervor that they will take your cause to heart.

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