The Least to Most Emotional Zodiac Signs!

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1) Aquarius

The Aquarius personality is completely insensitive and chooses to speak their views in every circumstance without considering the feelings of others.

2) Aries

The Aries personality is extremely impulsive and spontaneous. It is true that an Aries enjoys living in the fast lane, which is excellent, but it also means they have no room for error.

3) Sagittarius

The Sagittarius personality is unflappable, as nothing ever appears to influence or effect them. These individuals intend to enjoy life and view drama as a waste of time.

4) Leo

They are likely to be emotive and genuine about what they feel, but when they are not invested, they appear apathetic and even icy.

5) Capricorn

The personality of a Capricorn is very organized and devoted to whatever they do; however, when they feel evaluated or ridiculed, their inner sentiments arise and tears flow.

6) Taurus

They are empathetic, hospitable, and will always have their friends' backs, but when they become enraged, they can explode!

7) Scorpio

When it comes to their inner selves, Scorpios can be incredibly sensitive, despite their outward appearance of toughness.

8) Virgo

For those who are sensitive and aware of what's going on around them, the Virgo personality is a great match. They're prone to succumbing to the pressures of life and becoming depressed.

9) Gemini

When Geminis feel they are being targeted or assaulted, they might become extremely defensive and tense. When it comes to keeping their emotions under check, they aren't the best.

10) Libra

As a Libra, you're recognized for being extremely sensitive, to the point that your decisions are largely impacted by what you feel.

11) Cancer

On the surface, Cancer residents appear to be more tough than they really are, but they're also more vulnerable than they appear to be.

12) Pisces

They are empathetic and care deeply for their friends and families. Pisces tend to experience emotions in a much more profound manner.

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