The Dark Side of Eating Avocados!

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1) Environmental Impact

North America and the UK don't grow avocados, thus they're imported. The farther a food is from its source, the bigger the impact.

2) They are water thirsty

Despite the fact that they require twice as much water as oranges, they are typically produced in locations where water is in short supply.

3) A vicious cycle

Avocados need a lot of water, aggravating Mexico and California's droughts and heatwaves, making it tougher to grow the fruit, leading to more deforestation to farm it, etc.

4) A big increase in demand

Due to demand, Mexican farmers are expanding their farms, causing deforestation and greenhouse gas emissions.

5) Ecosystem destruction

Many large UK retailers buy their avocados from Petorca, a region in Chile where water rights have been infringed.

6) Illegal Activity

They allegedly erected illegal pipes that take water from rivers to irrigate fields. Villagers claim to be suffering from a regional drought as a result of this.

7) A big price

More than a third of the world's avocados are produced in Mexico, the world's leading producer. However, at what price?

8) Market of crime

The valuable avocado market in Michoacán, Mexico, is being fought over by ruthless cartels and gangs.

9) Violent Business

Five opponents' heads are said to have been thrown onto sand in the town of Uruapan by a gang named La Familia Michoacana.

10) Farmers are poor

Avocado producers in Mexico are reportedly dissatisfied with their earnings and the threat of gang violence, according to multiple news reports.