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The Best flower according to your Zodiac!

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1) Aries - Bleeding Hearts

In addition to their Aries-like display of dominance, these vibrant spring blooms also symbolize passion.

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2) Taurus - Lily of Valley

A lily of the valley is as calming as a Taurus. It reflects the stubbornness of a Taurus by being able to withstand cold weather and temperatures.

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3) Gemini - Azalea

Azaleas are a good match for Gemini because they are bold, dramatic, and adaptable to a variety of environments.

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4) Cancer - Orchid

Orchids, like Cancer, become an addiction if you've had them for a while. The beauty of these delicate blossoms outweighs the difficulty of caring for them.

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5) Leo - Crossandra

There are many similarities between the fast-growing crossandra and Leo's capacity to unite people over a shared love of nothing but themselves.

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6) Virgo - Ivy

Like a Virgo, "the clinging plant" will not let go of its aims to keep expanding, no matter where it is.

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7) Libra - Pansies

This affable and cooperative flower is just like a Libra in its capacity to always make room for others. Harmony and togetherness are shown in their uncomplicated character.

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8) Scorpio - Red Rose

To keep themselves and others safe, Scorpios often operate in the best interests of others, just like the thorns on a rose protect it.

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9) Sagittarius - Queen Anne's Lace

Matching the exuberant temperament of a Sagittarius, the adaptable plant gives profuse flowers and brings beauty to whatever place it inhabits.

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10) Capricorn - Carnation

As one of the oldest cultivated flowers in the world, carnations, like Capricorns, will continue to withstand the test of time in both life and friendship.

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11) Aquarius - Fiddle-Leaf Fig

Both the plant and the Aquarius might be difficult to satisfy at times. Nevertheless, with the proper amount of care, both will become  additions to your circle.

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12) Pisces - Wisteria

Because of their friendly demeanor, Pisces can get along with just about anyone. It's for this reason that you'll see it on everything from porches and walls to fences.

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