The 5 Proudest Zodiac Signs!

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1) Leo

Leo has a massive ego to contend with! These people enjoy being the center of attention and strutting their stuff in front of everyone who would listen to them.

The Leo zodiac sign is known as the performer of the zodiac and enjoys being the center of attention, even though their pride can get the better of them at times.

2) Scorpio

It's difficult for Scorpios to embrace certain aspects of their personality, and they tend to think of themselves as humble and meek rather than conceited.

This zodiac sign is generally regarded to as the most mysterious and intriguing of all.

3) Aries

Aries don't shy away from displaying their self-confidence or showing their vulnerability, and they frequently do so in order to conceal what they believe to be their inherent flaws.

Aries always attempts to put on a brave front, no matter how humiliating the circumstance may be..

4) Capricorn

Because Capricorns are afraid of being judged and looked down upon by others, they resort to using their ego and bluster as a disguise. 

These people have a hard time dealing with criticism, so they put on a show of arrogance and bravado to keep others from learning about their true natures.

5) Gemini

Geminis have a lot of self-assurance. These folks believe they are the most exceptional and gifted individuals in the world. 

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