Symptoms that could indicate the diabetes!

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1) Fatigue

This condition, also known as diabetes fatigue syndrome, is caused by fluctuating blood glucose levels that do not provide the body with enough glucose to consume for energy.

2) Increased hunger

Polyphagia, is also a warning symptom of diabetes. When the system is compromised, your cells are unable to absorb glucose. This causes your body to continuously seek fuel.

3) Blurry vision

High blood sugar levels can cause retinal damage and fluctuating fluid levels around the eyes. This can result in impaired or blurred eyesight.

4) Peeing more often

When your kidneys must adjust for the additional sugar in your blood, you may find yourself often racing to the restroom.

5) Constant thirst

The combination of overworked kidneys and high thirst causes persons with uncontrolled diabetes to urinate continuously.

6) Dry mouth

As your body uses fluids to produce urine, there is less water available for the rest of your body. You could quickly become dehydrated, resulting in a dry mouth.

7) Itchy skin

Diabetes frequently causes itchy skin, which is sometimes one of the first signs. It may be brought on by a yeast or fungal infection, dry skin, or poor circulation.

8) Loss of hearing

A high blood sugar level can impair hearing by affecting the nerve cells in the ear. Check for this throughout your physical examination.

9) Sudden Weight loss

If your body cannot obtain energy from meals, it will begin to burn muscle and fat for fuel. This will result in weight loss regardless of your eating habits.

10) Nausea and vomiting

Feeling sick to your stomach can be a symptom of both high and low blood sugar, and it is common for diabetics to experience this symptom before receiving a diagnosis.

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