Steps To Dye Your Hair At Home Like A Pro

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1. Mix the dye in a bowl

A mixing bowl is preferred to the bottle of a hair coloring kit. A dying brush makes it easy to mix and apply color to your hair.

2. Make Use Of A Hair Developer

Let me explain what a hair developer is. Hydrogen peroxide opens the hair shafts and binds color to the cuticles of the hair.

Dyeing is more effective since the color soaks in and lasts longer. The developer numbers differ. The 20 volume developer reigns supreme.

3. Using a comb, divide your hair into sections

By sectioning your hair, you may cover every strand without leaving any gaps. Ideally, divide your hair into four sections.

Because they require longer processing time, the largest front pieces should be coloured first. Long hairdresser clips aid with hair retention.

4. Use the Dye

Begin at the beginning. After applying the color from roots to tips, brush your hair with a wide-toothed comb. Comb all the way down to remove color.

This guarantees that the product is distributed. Wrap it up and put it on your head after this section. Rep until the first piece is completely saturated. Rep the preceding section.

5. Set A Timer

You may keep the color on by setting a timer. Rinse off within the time limit indicated.

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