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Signs who are and Aren't compatible with Leos!

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Compatible- Aries

One of the best signs for Leo compatibility is Aries, a fire sign. Aries have a fiery energy that meshes well with Leo's personality, needs, and lifestyle, making a good match.

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Compatible- Libra

Libra is an air sign, which lends itself well to the kind of unconditional love and comfort that Leos crave the most.

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Compatible- Gemini

Gemini, an air sign, is one of the most compatible signs with Leo. Both have warm and friendly personalities that could quickly sway the other's.

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Incompatible- Capricorn

Both partners are ready to begin the struggle for dominance, and neither is prepared to give up easily. This can lead to a feeling of competition and jealousy.

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Incompatible- Virgo

Virgo's intellect may be too much for Leo, and the two may end up competing for each other's affection. As a result, they have difficulty maintaining relationship.

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Incompatible- Cancer

Leos are practical and open-minded, whereas Cancers are more traditional in their outlook & approach to love and romance. As a result, this love match often appears one-sided.

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