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Signs are & Aren't compatible with Libra

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Compatible- Gemini

Both Libra and Gemini are air signs, but that is not the only reason they get along so well. Both are vivacious, profoundly interested, and appreciative of life's beauties.

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Compatible- Leo

When they're together, they're often the center of attention at social gatherings and enjoy getting into the heart of things.

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Compatible- Aquarius

Both Libras and Aquarius are air signs that cherish fairness and equality and have a deep passion for the arts.

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Compatible- Libra

Due to their concern for justice, the arts, and social interaction, double-Libra relationships are often filled with exciting adventures.

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Incompatible- Capricorn

Air and earth sign combinations are not always the finest, and this is the case with Libra and Capricorn. This couple is a typical example of how opposites do not attract.

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Incompatible- Cancer

Cancers are frequently stormy, and they can be vengeful and avaricious when they want something. This is in stark contrast to Libra's yearning for fairness and tranquility.

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Incompatible- Pisces

Libra is more intellectual and analytical than Pisces, which is more spiritual and emotional. Overall, they will have a difficult time communicating with one another.

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Incompatible- Scorpio

Scorpios can be single-minded in their pursuit of their goal, and they have a tendency toward jealousy when they're unhappy, which can bewilder Libras.

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