Signs Are & Aren't Compatible with Capricorn

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Compatible - Taurus

Capricorn and Taurus were both born under the earth sign, which implies they are more likely to have a strong foundation and a long and happy life together.

Compatible - Virgo

Both zodiac signs are wise, and they are both dependable and trustworthy to each other, so the emotional connection between these two zodiac signs is incredible and strong.

Compatible - Cancer

Capricorns ensure that their partner's life is stable and secure, while Cancer, the Capricorn's best soulmate, provides comfort and care for the couple.

Compatible - Pisces

Capricorn and Pisces are a terrific match, with Capricorn's realistic outlook on life and Pisces' imaginative and romantic inclination complementing each other well.

Incompatible - Aries

Aries is stubborn, impetuous, and impulsive, and at times they act fast and irresponsibly, whereas Capricorn is calm and collected, and they are more realistic, slow, and frugal.

Incompatible - Leo

Capricorn is also more serious than Leo, and Capricorn's seriousness in their approach to life can be quite boring for Leo, who has a greater need for fun.

Incompatible - Gemini

Capricorn prefers a more traditional approach to love, whereas Gemini enjoys meeting new people and taking risks. Both signs find it difficult to communicate with each other.

Incompatible - Libra

Capricorn's desire for concrete tasks and plans to feel achieved can be frustrated by Libra's airy approach to life.. In paradise, this match does not go well.

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