Signs Who Are & Aren't Compatible With Aries

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Compatible - Gemini

They'll get along just fine because they're both upbeat and adventurous. They tend to be more flexible in their daily routines, preferring to steer clear of monotony.

Compatible - Leo

Those born under the zodiac sign of Leo share many of the characteristics of Aries, making them one of the most compatible zodiac signs with Aries lovers.

Compatible - Libra

Because Libra is a mediator and a patient listener, whereas Aries is both inpatient and stubborn, she is well-suited to help Aries succeed. Libra helps Aries to ease tensions.

Incompatible - Taurus

As a fire and earth sign, Aries and Taurus are the least compatible signs. Both are stubborn by nature, and neither is willing to compromise on their goals.

Incompatible - Cancer

While Aries is a fiery zodiac sign, Cancer is a water sign. As a result, they are polar opposites who will have a difficult time collaborating and agreeing on anything.

Incompatible - Aries

Because both Aries and Aries are adamant about having the freedom to think and act as they see fit, they make a powerful couple, and their union is sure to cause a ruckus.

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