Signs Who Are & Aren't Compatible With Taurus!

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Compatible- Pisces

Together, they have a terrific time doing everything, and Taurus may help Pisces to imagine and connect with others.

Compatible- Virgo

Because they are both earth signs, Taurus and Virgo place a high priority on stability and security, as well as being intuitive and resolute.

Compatible- Cancer

Even though Cancer and Taurus are opposites, they share many of the same characteristics: They are both ambiverts, but Cancer is an extrovert.

Incompatible- Aries

They both have a hard time letting go. As a result of Taurus' tendency to be unyielding and unyielding, Aries may find it tough to adapt to their partnership.

Incompatible- Aquarius

Taurus is possessive and tries to keep things under their control. They constantly engage in futile arguments and confrontations because of their conflicting views.

Incompatible- Sagittarius

Taurus believes that Sagittarius lacks intelligence and is possessive, while Sagittarius believes that Taurus lacks comprehension.

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