Signs Are & Aren't Compatible to Scorpio

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The faithful attachment style of the Crab is compatible with the Scorpion's innate possessiveness, and lovemaking is spiritual, transforming, and profoundly sensuous.

Compatible - Cancer

 Due to Scorpio's reluctance to trust, Pisces's faithful and kind character benefits Scorpio. Scorpio desires leadership, whereas Pisces is satisfied to follow.

Compatible - Pisces

There are few signs that understand Scorpio's jealousy and find it endearing. Taurus, though, is one of those.

Compatible - Taurus

Attention giving is likely to result in a standoff, and both signs may feel irritated and neglected. Leo's adoration of the limelight can provoke Scorpio's possessive nature.

Incompatible - Leo

Sometimes, the perfectionism of Virgo can be confused by Scorpio's ways. Additionally, Virgos are very picky, which might upset the sensitive Scorpio.

Incompatible - Virgo

Scorpio and Aquarius square each other, causing them to clash frequently. Scorpio will respect Aquarius's personality, but find them a bit too cold for a partnership.

Incompatible - Aquarius

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