Signs Who Are & Aren't Compatible with Gemini!

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Compatible - Libra

When it comes to marriage, Gemini and Libra are a perfect fit because both air signs help each other to grow and remain together and as spouses.

Compatible - Aquarius

Their common beliefs, desire for independence, and enjoyment of new experiences will help them form a strong relationship.

Compatible - Aries

Like best friends, they are both compatible in many ways, including physically, emotionally and intellectually. However, they'll have to work on their communication.

Incompatible - Scorpio

There is a good chance that the combination of Gemini and Scorpio is one of the least favorable for Geminis. The issue evolves into an argument when both parties try.

Incompatible - Taurus

It is difficult for Taurus to accept Gemini's honesty because Taurus is more stubborn than Gemini. Also, Gemini is a very accepting person, whereas Taurus is a bit of a jerk.

Incompatible - Cancer

As a result, Cancer is too soft for Gemini while Gemini might be too false and insensitive to Cancer. It's going to be a challenge to maintain a healthy, happy relationship.

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