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Signs are & ARen't compatible to cancer

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Compatible: Taurus

Taurus is a water sign, thus they value connections on the same level as Cancer. They share the same characteristics: loyalty, affection, wisdom, sensitivity, and homeliness.

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Compatible: Pisces

Pisces need a companion who is grounded, spiritual, and protective. Pisces and Cancer are both sensitive and are best understood when working together.

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Compatible: Scorpio

Cancer and Scorpio are both water signs and share many comparable characteristics, including their loyalty, honesty, and overall strength.

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Compatible: Virgo

Virgo enjoys serving, whilst Cancer enjoys mothering. Despite being compatible on a fundamental level, these two are too similar for their own good.

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Incompatible: Aquarius

There is a discrepancy in the natural manner of thinking and feeling between the indicators, where emotions are experienced and decisions are made in mismatched ways.

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Incompatible: Aries

Aries prefers less emotional conduct than Cancer, and when both couples face a problem, Aries loves to fight and win while Cancer prefers to retreat.

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Incompatible: Gemini

Geminis are gregarious, witty, charming, and brave, whereas Cancers are grounded and like to spend their time at home. They have different ideas about things.

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