Side Effects of Peanut Butter You Need To Know!

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Many individuals consider peanut butter to be one of their favorite snacks. Your daily dose of Protein may, however, have some negative side effects. Take a look at those side effects, shall we?

Overconsumption of peanut butter can cause or irritate generalized acid reflux disorder, or GERD. 

1) It can cause acid reflux!

GERD is a digestive ailment that causes a burning feeling when acidic stomach contents or food and fluids run back up into the esophagus from the stomach.

It's possible that some peanut butter brands are putting in more oil than usual.

2) You may be consuming unhealthy fats!

Saturated fat from palm oil or completely hydrogenated vegetable oils can be found in jars of peanut butter sold by some commercial brands, which contributes to your diet.

Added sugars may be hidden in the goods of some of the same commercial manufacturers that add oils to your peanut butter.

3) You may be consuming high sugar!

Surprisingly, peanut butter may contain aflatoxins, a carcinogen found in Aspergillus mold. 

4) They may contain dangerous mold type. 

Peanuts typically grow underground and are typically invaded by mold. A few human studies have connected aflatoxins to liver cancer, therefore it may be worthwhile to know this information.

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