Ranking Zodiac Signs Based on Politeness

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12) Sagittarius

They frequently do not understand or recognize that they are being impolite, but if they are fully informed of it, they will take it seriously.

11) Scorpio

When it comes to helping others, you don't see the point in just doing it for the sake of it; instead, your generosity is thoughtful and reserved. You have "leave me alone" vibe.

10) Taurus

Even when you're at your most empathetic, it's possible for the claws to come out when someone gets a little too close to your heart. You won't feel guilty about correcting others.

9) Aries

The fact that you're an action-oriented person who can be a little clumsy or self-aware can make it difficult for you to be perceived as polite at first.

8) Aquarius

It's possible that others perceive you as cold and unyielding. The only time you'll be rude is if someone gets upset with you. You have your own style of politeness.

7) Capricorn

With your meticulous attention to detail and deep respect for tradition, you have an upper hand when it comes to being proper and polite when dealing with others and getting things done.

6) Gemini

Although it may appear that you're being rude, you aren't always doing so on purpose. You don't have a problem being polite if you're present and engaged in the present moment.

5) Virgo

Despite the fact that most people don't immediately think of you as friendly or warm, you're not the type to be arrogant or rude just for the sake of being rude.

4) Leo

It's easy to underestimate the enormous heart you have for others, especially when you're so confident and outspoken.

3) Libra

With your openness, you'll always do your best to make sure that others feel at ease with what they have to say and express themselves.

2) Pisces

When it comes to others and their feelings, Pisces, you have a soft spot. Despite your aversion to following rules, your ultimate goal is to show others how much you care about them.

1) Cancer

Despite the fact that you go out of your way to put the needs of others ahead of your own, you exude an unfailingly polite and sweet demeanor.

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