Properly Clean Your Makeup Brushes: The Guide

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Mild liquid soap
A shallow bowl
Clean towels
Brush guards
A brush cleaning mat 

1) Gather your supplies

Put warm water in the small bowl or sink. Add a little bit of liquid soap or brush cleaner that is gentle. Mix the soap into the water by slowly swirling it.

2) Prepare the cleaning solution

Hold one brush at a time under running water and make sure the bristles are looking down so water doesn't get into the ferrule.

3) Wet the brushes

Dip a brush that is already wet into the soapy solution. To work the soap into the bristles, gently swirl the brush in the palm of your hand.

4) Cleanse the brushes

Rinse each brush well under running water, making sure the bristles are still sticking down. Rinse until there are no more traces of soap or makeup.

5) Rinse the brushes

To get rid of extra water, gently squeeze the bristles from the base to the tip. Be careful not to pull or tug on the brushes, as this can hurt them.

6) Remove excess water

After getting rid of the extra water, use your fingers to reshape the brushes. Gently put them back together in their original shape.

7) Reshape the brushes

Lay the brushes flat on a clean towel or paper towel to dry. Make sure to place them so that the bristles are just a little bit higher than the surface.

8) Dry the brushes

Once the brushes are completely dry, give them one last look to make sure they are clean and don't have any dust left on them. 

9) Final checks

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