Leave These 9 Types of Friends Now!

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1) The Fault Finder

They're quick to point out the flaws in everything you do or say. Take a break from the friendship if you are unable to do so or if your self-esteem is suffering.

2) The Advice Giver

Make it clear to your buddy that you don't need her counsel unless you ask for it, if you value her company.

3) The Self-Obsessed

Someone who just cares about herself and refuses to let you know anything about herself is self-obsessed to an extreme degree. Leave such people.

4) The Copy Cat

Protect yourself by keeping things more private or by being more selective about when you reveal information if you want to keep her around for the long haul!

5) The Promise Breaker

If this tendency places you in too many compromised circumstances and causes you to feel frustrated or dissatisfied with yourself, it may be time to quit ship.

6) The Risky One

The actions of your daredevil friend, which includes stealing, drug experimentation, and risky driving, should raise severe red flags. You must safeguard yourself.

7) The Competing One

If your buddy must purchase a larger or more expensive home than yours in order to appear more successful than you, it may be time to break up with her.

8) The Abuser

Do not tolerate verbal, physical, or sexual abuse from anyone. Keep in mind that you are being verbally abused if someone is violent and malicious in their statements.

9) The Double-Crosser

If the double-cross occurred only once, you may elect to retain the friendship but make it clear that this is undesirable conduct.

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