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Virgos have a reputation for being extremely goal-oriented. Because of the intensity, they can become easily distracted by the things going on around them.

6) Virgo

In the public eye, Virgo's mishaps are well-known, as they occur frequently. To make light of it, Virgos are self-aware.

People born under the sign of Libra are extroverted, outgoing, and sociable. However, this means that it's feasible that viewers will be there when they have a lapse in concentration.

5) Libra

An overactive sense of playfulness in the Libra is a recipe for disaster. Those who take risks, especially in the name of having fun, can end up in these kinds of circumstances.

In order to speed things up, Geminis are more likely to make mistakes since they are easily bored and irritable. 

4) Gemini

The tendency of a Gemini is to take short cuts and skip steps, which might result in mishaps.

Those born under the sign of Sagittarius have a tendency to be impatient, which makes it simpler for them to put themselves in jeopardy because of their impulsive nature.

3) Sagittarius

People who are impulsive and risk-averse are more likely to encounter random events that would never occur to more cautious individuals.

A Taurus isn't the kind of person who likes to be annoyed. Incidents happen when this sign gets agitated and it is noted for being calm storm.

2) Taurus

It's possible for Taureans to become "blind by wrath and lose sight of objects around them, often resulting to breakages" when they're enraged.

Spontaneity and bravery characterize Aries, which usually works to their advantage but can often lead to minor mishaps.

1) Aries

When it comes to Aries, impulsiveness is the name of the game. They, on the other hand, move slowly and deliberately in order to avoid any mishaps.

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