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You will need a pet that can catch pace with your energy as an active Aries. You likely have difficulty sitting still, much like a ferret.

Aries - Ferret

Taureans have a reputation for being so laid-back that they are nearly horizontal! But they also enjoy affection, so a soft, low-maintenance hamster is an excellent choice.

Taurus - Hamster

The parrot is a natural ally of the chatty Gemini in the animal kingdom. It is possible for a Gemini to spend all day with a bird like the African Gray.

Gemini - Parrot

When their owner needs space, Himalayans will give it to them. Cancers, on the other hand, enjoy curling up with a good book and a cup of tea at home.

Cancer - Himalayan cat

Neither Leos nor chickens enjoy blending into the background. Even the most attention-seeking Leo cannot compete with a pet chicken when it comes to making a lot of noise and fuss.

Leo - Chicken

Some Virgos are extremely picky about their living area, in which case an aquarium can be ideal. Part pet, part interior design!

Virgo - Fish

Balanced Libras enjoy being surrounded by beauty, as well as giving and receiving affection. A charming and cuddly rabbit may be the perfect pet.

Libra - Rabbit

The realm of reptiles can be alluring to Scorpios. A lizard's intriguing charm may be difficult to resist.

Scorpio - Lizard

Even if Sagittarians don't have much time to play with their dogs, they can find an Australian Shepherd to be a wonderful fit.

Sagittarius - Australian Shepherd

The majority of the day, guinea pigs can play independently, and they will be ready for cuddles when you return.

Capricorn - Guinea pig

Cockatiels, like Aquarians, are intelligent creatures. They do not necessitate regular care, yet they make terrific companions.

Aquarius - Cockatiel

A senior dog who enjoys lengthy periods of cuddling could be the ideal companion for a Pisces.

Pisces - Senior dog

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