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How Will you argue as per your zodiac?

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When you're angry or upset, you're not likely to back down as an Aries. When you're incorrect about anything, it's hard to get you to see things from someone else's point of view.

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You may not appear forceful or bold during an argument, but your constant and realistic character makes you highly persuasive.

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Getting into a heated disagreement is less likely than getting into a polite discourse. When you're engaged in an argument, it's difficult for others to predict your next move.

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Arguing can bring out the worst in cancer. Your tendency is to use your emotions as a tool to influence others, even if you are trying to be loving and polite at the same time.

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Disputes are no problem for Leo, a fiery sign. You'll never waste your time trying to prove yourself to others because you already know where you stand on most subjects.

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Your tendency to be passive-aggressive is a result of your reluctance to be mean or start a big argument. Generally, you're a laid-back person who doesn't enjoy engaging in open dispute.

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To avoid arguing, the first thing you do is find a way around it. When things get stressful, you like to find a solution that works for everyone and prevent things getting out of control.

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You're not afraid of a fight, yet you're sly and perceptive. It's important to select your battles properly even if Scorpio doesn't look for conflict.

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If the other person starts taking cheap jabs at you, you won't hesitate to respond. Then it's impossible to quit until you've got your final say.

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Arguing with Capricorns is challenging since you can be a little cruel. You have a hard time letting go of your own biases.

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A deep thinker, you'll approach your debate rationally and a desire to come up with a solution. Aquarius. During a fight, you tend to keep your emotions in check & avoid expressing them.

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You lead with emotions when you argue. When emotions run strong, Pisces can't understand others.

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