Glamorous Looks: 9 Formal Hairstyles for Women Over 50

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A timeless updo with a twist or bun can lend sophistication to any formal event. It keeps hair away from the face.

1) Classic Updo

Create loose, face-framing waves with a curling iron or heated rollers to add volume and movement.

2) Soft Waves

A elegant chignon is a sophisticated hairstyle option. The hair is gathered into a low bun at the nape of the neck to create a clear and polished look.

3) Sleek Chignon

Create loose curls that drape gently over one shoulder by creating a side part in your hair.

4) Side Swept Curls

This classic style is accomplished by pinning the hair into curls and then brushing them out to create gentle waves and curls.

5) Vintage-Inspired Pin Curls

For a balanced and stylish appearance, gather the upper half of your hair into a twist or a small bun, while leaving the bottom half of your hair down.

6) Half-Up Half-Down

Elegant and eye-catching hairstyles include a braided updo, braided headpiece, or side-swept braid.

7) Braided Elegance

If you have a pixie cut, style it with precision and add sheen to achieve a polished and sophisticated look. Utilize a styling product to achieve a sleek appearance.

8) Polished Pixie Cut

Depending on your inclination, tease the hair at the crown to add height, and secure the ponytail low or high.

9) Voluminous Ponytail

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