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Being Drunk

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Aries starts the party and pops the bottles. They may buy rounds of shots for the bar or wrangle a friend to keep the night going.

Aries - The Fire Starter

If you have a friend who sits in the corner sipping their drink casually while everyone else gets raucous, you know they're drunk when they stand up and stumble.

Taurus - The Stealth Drunk

They might walk around talking strangers about their lives, leaking hot gossip they've heard, or expressing an opinion they would ordinarily keep to themselves.

Gemini - The Indiscrete Drunk

If you've recently broken up with a loved one, you're more likely to burst into tears and tell your pals how much you miss them.

Cancer- The Emotional Drunk

Leos' extroverted temperament means they'll go even further with their showy personas when they've had a few drinks to boost their self-confidence.

Leo -Center of Attention

Intoxicated, they're capable of cutting you to the core, so be careful what you say when their sassy side emerges!

Virgo - The Spicy Drunk

Your friends and family will tell you how much they care about you, how much they admire you, and how much they like the barista at their neighborhood coffee shop.

Libra- The Lovey Drunk

When you walk into a bar or club, Scorpios are likely to be the one friend that vanishes as soon as you get there, only to return moments later with their chosen victim.

Scorpio - The Seductive Drunk

Drinking helps the Sagittarius bring out his or her adventurous side, making it a little easier to get out and explore!

Sagittarius- Adventure Seeker

If they've had a few too many drinks, they may say or do things that are hurtful to others without realizing it.

Capricorn - The Rude Drunk

Aquarians prefer to have their opinions and ideas heard since they are the ones who have great ideas and believe they can make a difference in the world.

Aquarius- Debater

In a quieter area of the gathering, they may be engaged in serious philosophical discussions about the universe.

Pisces- High Drunk

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