9 Early Signs of Dementia, You Should Look For!

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One of the earliest symptoms of dementia is forgetting recently learned information. Early-stage dementia patients have trouble recalling names and dates.

1) Memory Loss

It's not unusual for people to get a little carried away when balancing their bank accounts as they get older. It's a bad sign if you lose track of your monthly bills.

2) Probelm In Planning

Simple tasks can become increasingly difficult in the early stages of dementia. The trickiest part is figuring out which step comes first.

3) Issues in Common Tasks

Those who are afflicted with dementia often have a much more difficult time keeping track of time.

4) Time or Place Confusion

Depth perception can be affected by difficulties comprehending visual images and spatial relations, which can increase the risk of falling.

5) Trouble in knowing spatial relations

While aging can occasionally result in difficulty finding the appropriate word, communication difficulties are much more prevalent in the early stages of dementia.

6) Communication Issues

Misplacing things can include placing objects in unusual locations, such as the microwave, and is a common symptom of dementia.

7) Misplacing things and problem in retracing

Decision-making is impaired in the early stages of dementia, which can result in poor judgment. Individuals may make poor financial decisions.

8) Poor Judgement

It's possible that mood swings and personality changes are early signs of something more serious. Mental illness, fluctuating hormones, and substance abuse are examples.

9) Mood and Personality Change

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