Burger King Is Shutting Down It's 400 Restaurants

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Burger KIng Closing!

By the end of 2023, Burger King will have closed hundreds of its nearly 7,000 locations nationwide.

How Many Outlets?

Up to 400 Burger King restaurants will shutter by the end of 2023, in addition to the 124 that have already closed this year.

Official's say

According to Joshua Kobza, chief executive in the parent company of Burger King, the practice of closing multiple locations is not unprecedented. 

More Outelts?

Kobza says it depends on whether additional stores will be closed in addition to the already-allotted 300 to 400 stores. 

He states that there is uncertainty, but that they are already observing a "pace of recovery" in the business.

Which locations?

Although it is unconfirmed which restaurant locations will close, some are following the trend of closures. 

Burger King has closed across the Midwest and some Western states. Michigan and Illinois have had substantial retail closures. 

Burger King restaurants are prevalent in Minnesota, Montana, Kansas, Nebraska, North Dakota, Utah, and Wyoming, so these states may also experience the heat.

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