Best Medium-Sized Dog Breeds for Families

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Beagles are affable, gentle, and social canines. Their playful and inquisitive nature makes them excellent companions for children.

1) Beagle

Bulldogs are known for their placid and loving disposition. Generally, they are excellent with kids and adapt well to family life.

2) Bulldog

Boxers are active, playful, and sociable canines. They are known for being patient and protective, qualities that make them excellent family companions.

3) Boxer

Cocker Spaniels are known for their calm and sociable disposition. They are wonderful with kids and appreciate being a part of the family.

4) Cocker Spaniel

Australian Shepherds are intelligent and active dogs that flourish in an active family setting. 

5) Australian Shepherd

Vizslas are affectionate, gentle, family-oriented canines with strong attachments to their families. 

6) Vizsla

Staffies, or Staffordshire Bull Terriers, are known for their welcoming and affectionate nature. 

7) Staffordshire Bull Terrier

The English Springer Spaniel is known for its friendliness and playfulness. They appreciate being part of an active family.

8) English Springer Spaniel

Intelligent and active, Border Collies flourish in an active family environment. They are highly trainable.

9) Border Collie

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