Avoid These Mistakes When Looking for Job After 50!

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Your résumé shouldn't reveal your age. Eliminate dates from your education and employment background. Both adjustments can make you appear less senior.

1) Forgetting to edit the resume

A recruiting manager may think 20-something job prospects are computer and internet savvy, but not older applicants. Prove them wrong!

2) Not updating tech skills

Create a LinkedIn profile to control your online exposure. This is your online resume, so include a photo and employment experience.

3) No presence online

Inform others in your professional network that you're seeking for job and ask them if they know of any openings.

4) Not using connections

While you may not be the youngest candidate, your experience will benefit the organization. You'll need little-to-no training to get started.

5) Being shy about telling your experience

A 30-something manager may worry a 60-year-old job candidate will take over. Young adults don't want old people judging their every move.

6) Acting like you know it all

Instead of trying to convince a youth-centric organization that you're qualified, focus on senior employers.

7) Finding jobs at age-discriminating employers

It's better to have some money than none at all, therefore if you want to return to work quickly, you should be willing to be flexible about your financial needs.

8) Not bending on income