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A ferny foliage with beautiful blue-purple, pink, or white spikes appear in the spring. Midsummer is a good time to trim back or eliminate this annual cool-season plant.

1) Larkspur

It's also the happiest flower for butterfly enthusiasts, who will enjoy watching the flowers attract their favorite pollinators in the middle of summer.

2) Butterflyweed

Grassy, bulbous perennials seem right at home alongside tall grasses. However, in the summer, the vivid purple flower spikes are a sight to behold.

3) Liatris

As long as you give them room to grow, they'll take up as much area as you allow. But they're not garden thugs, and you'll like having them around.

4) Poppies

If you look closely at the spider-like blossoms of Cleome, you'll notice that they're an annual. To reach heights of 4 to 5 feet, it develops swiftly from seed.

5) Cleome

Aside from the attractive lacy leaves, the vivid daisy-like flowers of Cosmos are another major persuasion. White, pink, orange, yellow and gold are the colors of the silken blooms.

6) Cosmos

It doesn't matter whatever sunflower you choose to grow in your yard; however, tall annual sunflowers seem a little worn out by the time they're done flowering.

7) Maximilian Sunflower

In order to keep bachelor's buttons blooming throughout the summer, they must be regularly deadheaded.

8) Bachelor's Buttons

It's both a beautiful flowering perennial and a useful therapeutic herb. Sun or part shade, it doesn't entice deer to stop by.

9) Bee Balm

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