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9 Veggies & Herbs that you can grow in your garden!

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1) Basil

Basil, such as Genovese, Thai, and other varieties, can be grown in an indoor garden kit or simply in a pot of dirt. Basil thrives in light, warm environments.

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2) Beets

If you want to grow a lot of beets, make sure you have enough room to spread out the seeds a foot apart. Aside from sunlight, beets also prefer cool and damp conditions.

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3) Broccoli

As little as six hours of sunlight a day is all that is needed to grow broccoli indoors. Even in a tiny area, you may fit a few plants.

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4) Carrots

Warm weather and loose soil are ideal conditions for growing carrots. Just 12 inches of vertical space is all that is needed, and their seeds can be sown two inches apart.

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5) Chives

Six to eight hours of sunlight every day, six inches of soil depth, and adequate humidity from other plants, a small pebble tray is all that are required for chives to thrive.

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6) Cilantro

An indoor garden kit or a tiny pot with drainage holes is all you need to grow cilantro. Potting soil and sand should be used, along with fertilizer if available.

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7) Lavender

Lavender may be grown inside all year round. Keep the plant out of direct sunlight and away from heat sources to avoid drying out.

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8) Lettuce

As long as it receives 10-12 hours of direct sunlight each day, winter lettuce can be a year-round alternative. An indoor garden kit simplifies the process of growing lettuce.

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9) Mint

Even if you don't intend for it to, mint will grow. Choose a shallower, wider container to accommodate the expansion. Simply place it in direct sunlight and water it regularly.

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