9 Vegetables which are High source of Protein!

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As long as they're coated in flaky sea salt and soy sauce, they're delicious. In addition, each cup contains 11 grams of protein.

1) Edamame

Half a cup of pinto beans has seven grams of protein. Use them in the same way you would any other ingredient—with rice, chili, tacos, etc.

2) Pinto Beans

Five grams of protein are contained in approximately 3/4 cup of these little green fellows.

3) Peas

This bitter green delivers a whopping 17 grams of protein per bunch. A half bunch is a good serving size that nevertheless contains a significant amount of the nutrient.

4) Broccoli Raab

Four grams of protein and the same amount of fiber are included in one cup of boiling cruciferous vegetables.

5) Brussels Sprouts

A cup of them, often known as white mushrooms, has three grams of protein. Mushrooms are technically fungus, not vegetables, but whatever.

6) Button Mushrooms

If you've had your fill of spinach, try one of these fibrous greens. A cup of cooked turnip greens contains around 5 grams of protein.

7) Turnip Greens

Three grams of protein and three grams of fiber can be found in a medium cob. It's a little bit like summer in a bottle.

8) Sweet Corn

One cooked medium artichoke provides three grams of protein and seven grams of fiber.

9) Artichokes

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