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9 Small Trees suitable for your garden!

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Apple tree

Apple trees come in a wide variety of varieties, all of which have stunning flowers. Trees often begin producing fruit after three or five years.

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Chaste tree

The chaste tree produces lavender blossoms. Pruning is required on a regular basis, and well-drained soil is ideal for growing this tree.

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Flowering almond

Flowering almond trees produce pink or white blossoms. A wet, rich, and acidic soil is ideal for this plant. It can be grown in full sun or partial shade.

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Crape myrtle

Beautiful white, pink or crimson or lavender flowers grow on this tree throughout the summer. Planting it in partial shade may result in fewer blooms.

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Kousa dogwood

A Kousa dogwood may thrive in a wide range of conditions. In the spring, the blossoms can be white or pink, and in the autumn, the red fruits appear.

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Franklin tree

There are big, fragrant white blossoms on this tree. A moist, well-drained acidic soil is ideal for growing them.

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Chinese fringetree

Flowers on this tree are white and fragrant. In wet, well-drained soil, it thrives in either full sun or light shade, so plan your planting accordingly.

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Green hawthorn

White blooms bloom in the spring, followed by crimson berries in the fall. Despite its common name, this tree has no thorns.

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Japanese snowbell

Floral displays on this tree can range from white to pink to purple to lavender to violet in coloration. They prefer full light and well-drained soil.

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