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9 Signs That Your Partner is not happy with You!

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1) They talk Negative

An example of negative communication would be anything that makes one partner feel apprehensive, insecure, or ignored.

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2) They flirt with others

Is your partner a big flirt lately? Flirtatious behavior with others should raise red flags in your mind.

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3) They're being sarcastic

Ask yourself if your partner's sarcastic responses to you are a normal part of their personality or not. When someone uses sarcasm, it's indication that they're angry.

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4) Not getting personal

You may be on the verge of a breakup if you're not talking about personal matters.

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5) Avoiding Relationship Talks

A healthy relationship requires open and honest communication, but if they're not happy, they may not want to discuss it.

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6) They become happy alone

If they are more content without you than they are with you, your relationship may be the source of their discontent.

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7) They are not appreciative

They may not be concentrating to the positives in your relationship if they used to tell you things they loved or praised about you but have stopped doing so.

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8) Change in Desires

It is possible that your partner's sexual desires have changed significantly over time, which could be an indication of a more serious problem within the relationship.

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9) Skipping Date Night

The amount of time your partner spends away from you has increased significantly? Is it possible that their absences are a little out of place? This can be concerning.

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