9 Signs That

Your Cat Is 

Angry With You

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You may not know if your cat is avoiding you because she's upset or because she's just a cat and cats are weird.

1) He's staring you from far

Angry cats can make a variety of noises, including a throaty growl, to express their displeasure.

2) She's growling at you

Disruptions to their routine, like feeding them late or changing the clocks for Daylight Savings Time, annoy cats more than anything else.

3) Giving a ''Look'' to you

Cats get bored with the same toys after a while, so changing them up or adding catnip to them is a good idea.

4) She's ignoring her toys

It's common for cats to hide when they're afraid of you or the situation.

5) He hides and doesn't come up

The very definition of a "angry cat" is a kitty crouching with its back arched, fur fluffed out, and a bushy tail.

6) He gets fluffy suddenly

Utilizing your bed as a litter box is a common symptom of feline separation anxiety.

7) She poops on the pillow

This 'leave me alone' chomp does not indicate that she is angry, but rather that he wishes to maintain control of the interaction, and excessive petting stimulates him.

8) She bites your hand

One of the first subtle indications that your cat is angry with you is when you notice her tail swishing rapidly back and forth, from side to side.

9) Her tail is twitchy 

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