9 Seafoods You Should Avoid Eating!

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The fish should be avoided in general due to the possibility of high mercury levels and the presence of nematodes or other parasites.

1) Swordfish

Mercury levels in marlin can be higher than in swordfish. Additionally, many fisheries are considered to be poorly managed.

2) Marlin

There is little nutritional value in shark meat, and many shark species have extremely high mercury levels.

3) Shark

Tilefish may be the most unhealthy fish of them all, containing extremely high levels of mercury anywhere it is harvested worldwide.

4) Tilefish

Because of its size, Spanish mackerel is almost certain to have a higher mercury content.

5) King Mackerel

A major marine species, the bluefin tuna, is one of the most critically endangered. They should be avoided as a food item because of their high toxicity levels.

6) Bluefin Tuna

Although it's not as high in mercury as albacore, skipjack, or bigeye, it's still higher than other tuna species.

7) Yellowfish Tuna

Fishing for Atlantic cod fell to historic lows in the 1990s, and 2016 was no exception. Major fisheries are currently undergoing 2 rebuilding programs that aim to stabilize populations.

8) Atlantic Cod

With few exceptions, the majority of eel raised in the United States, Europe, or Japan are raised in conditions that involve the use of toxic materials, and illness is common from it.

9) Eel

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