9 Red Flags

 of Unfit 

New Hire!

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If they oppose current procedures or are disinterested in their supervisors, this is an indication that they will not be a suitable match for the organization.

1) Poor Conduct with others

Despite numerous reminders, some candidates continue to make blunders. If you have someone like that on your team, they are obviously not someone you want there.

2) Regular Mistakes

When a candidate disregards input, it is an indication that the onboarding process is not going well and that the new hire may not be a good match for the role.

3) Not taking the feedback

If a new employee does not get along with their existing coworkers, onboarding is not proceeding properly. This may indicate unfriendliness and a negative attitude.

4) Tensions with other employees

Typically, new hires who resist procedures are not a good fit. There will be opportunities to contribute fresh ideas, but initially new hires must follow instructions.

5) Pushback on Things

Unreasonable delays and a lack of communication are frequently indicative of a mismatch. Effective hires tend to make errors and request feedback quickly.

6) Inconsistent Communication

Check in frequently not only with the new employee, but also with the trusted team members surrounding them.

7) Negative Feedback from team

It is a red indicator if the new employee has no queries regarding the workplace culture. However, If you tell them everything, they may struggle without you.

8) Not asking questions

If a new hire is not fully engaged in the training for the job or the job itself, this is generally a warning flag.

9) Poor Commitment

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