9 Plants to

Attract Birds

In Your Garden!

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Songbirds love the little red berries, and a fully grown plant will give nesting materials and a safe haven for birds to build their nests.

1) Trumpet honeysuckle

During migration, birds frequently stop to eat sunflower seeds, which contain a lot of energy, to refuel themselves.

2) Sunflowers

Roses and serviceberries belong to the same genus. During the spring and summer, they bloom with lovely blooms and bear red berries, which attract insects and birds.

3) Serviceberry 

Milkweed is a lovely perennial herb that attracts a wide variety of pollinators, but it is especially vital to the migration of the monarch butterfly. 

4) Milkweed 

Elderberry is an excellent choice for your garden, as well as a food source for birds and other wildlife.

5) Elderberry 

It's on this list of bird-friendly plants because of its proclivity for developing dense foliage, which provides a haven for a variety of birds.

6) Virginia creeper

To attract a wide variety of birds to the area, this plant features vivid red flowers, woody stalks and lengthy leaves.

7) Staghorn sumac

A favorite in many gardens, this hardy native perennial also serves as an excellent source of food and shelter for a wide range of wildlife.

8) Coneflower

Plants for birds benefit from the clusters of berries that develop around the stems and branches.

9) Beautyberry 

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