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Pugs are devoted to their owners and can be somewhat needy. They will frequently accompany you around and attempt to sleep on your bed or in your lap. 

1) Pug

The Golden Retriever is by far one of the most affectionate dog breeds, making them wonderful family pets. They are wonderful with children since they are gentle, and compassionate.

2) Golden Retriever

The itty-bitty Brussels Griffon manages to cram a great deal of affection and loyalty into their little frames, despite their amusing appearances and abundant personalities.

3) Brussels Griffon

This smaller dog breed is too adorable not to snuggle, and fortunately, they like the affection. Their soft coat makes them the ideal dog for a lap.

4) Bichon Frise

They adore attention and only become more relaxed as they age, so if you bond with them while they are young, you can anticipate them to be your constant cuddle buddy.

5) Bulldog

Boxers are large bundles of joy who delight in showing their owners affection. Boxers require a great deal of comfort in the form of cuddling, yet they are loyal companions.

6) Boxer

The Great Dane is another gentle giant who enjoys humans. While they may appear scary to some, all a Great Dane wants is a kiss and a hug to show you care.

7) Great Dane

Warm, affectionate, and devoted, Labradoodles are excellent family pets. Their cheerful dispositions and ease of training make them ideal candidates for pet therapy.

8) Labradoodle

At home, though, they are exceedingly sociable, and their owners have no doubt that they are one of the most lovable dog breeds available.

9) Chihuahua

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